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  • Mining in Ethiopia

    Large ore based gold mines are the Lega Dembi (the largest mine in the Sidamo province of southern Ethiopia) and Sakaro, which have been mined by private companies the amount of gold produced by these mines is reported to be about 5 tons per year.

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  • Ethiopia could be sitting on one of worlds great untapped

    With the right approach, however, western Ethiopia will be a literal gold mine that could bring economic benefit to the region.

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  • Ethiopia gold mining: Asosa region has one of world's

    Ethiopia could be sitting on one of the worlds great untapped gold deposits By Liam Bullock January 25, 2018 To the west of Ethiopia near the Sudanese border lies a place called the Asosa zone.

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  • The Ethiopian Gold Mine that may have supplied the Queen

    Sudan and Ethiopia are both in the region of what was the kingdom of Sheba, and both have ancient mines. In fact, the Asosa zone of Ethiopia could contain the oldest gold mine in the world at 6000 years old. Some geologists have argued that this zone is still rich with the precious metal.

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  • Gold mining promises big boost for Ethiopia's development

    Gold mining promises big boost for Ethiopia's development. The largest gold mine in Ethiopia is Lega Dembi in the Sidamo province of southern Ethiopia. It was transferred from the government to a company called Midroc Gold, owned by billionaire Saudi businessman Mohammed Hussein alAmoudi, for $172m in 1997.

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  • East Africa Metals Inc. Mining in Ethiopia Thu Oct 24

    Mining in Ethiopia Gold is Ethiopia's main mineral export and has been mined since ancient times, primarily as alluvial or free gold. At present, Ethiopia has a single largescale gold mine, Lega Dembi, in the southern area of the country, owned by Midroc (98%) and the Ethiopian government (2%).

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  • Ethiopia has 900 tons of gold reserves.

    Ethiopia has 900 tons of gold reserves. In Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries on earth, a huge reserve was discovered after a threemonth scan. The East

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  • Ethiopia Increases Activity in Mining for Gold

    Gold may very well be Ethiopias most important natural resource. With the vast majority of the countrys gold resources unexplored, the country may have the largest potential for anyone interested in investing in gold mining. Ethiopias Golden History Gold mining in Ethiopia is quite ancient and date back to the time before Queen Sheba.

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  • Mining Countries of Africa

    Angola. Oil Rich, Investor's Dream? Minerals: Oil and diamonds. Independence: 11 NovemberLive Chat
  • Ethiopia Agrees to Suspend MIDROC Gold Mining After

    ADDIS ABABA, ETHIOPIA Pressured by more than a week of sometimes deadly demonstrations, Ethiopias mining ministry agreed late Wednesday to suspend the goldmining operations of a company

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